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Watercolor Classes with
Graciela Giles

Call to Register and ask for a Supply List.

"The Beauty of Watercolor" Fridays 9:30-12
Session 2: 10/9-11/6 Session 3: 11/13-12/18
Session 4: 1/8-2/5 Session 5: 2/12-3/18
Session 6: 3/25-4/15
Now that you have knowledge of the foundation of watercolor, we will explore exciting techniques for creating texture and vibrant scenes. We will also take creative license with a photo as reference to artistically interpret that scene. Join our group and free yourself from expectations and let the watercolor flow!

"For The Absolute Beginner" Mondays 9:30-12
Session 2: 10/12-11/9 Session 3: 11/16-12/14
Session 4: 12/21-1/18 Session 5: 1/25-2/22
Session 6: 2/29-3/28
In this class, you will establish a good foundation of knowledge in the basics of watercolor. You will learn about materials and the use of your brushes. You will also learn the loading of your palette as well as just how much water is needed to mix your paints. Learn painting techniques for creating texture with step by step demos. Explore with fun exercises that will help you create paintings freely. Your exciting watercolor adventure starts now.

"Watercolor Plein Air" Tuesdays 9:00-12
Session 3: 11/10-12/8 Session 4: 12/15-1/12
Session 5: 1/19-2/16 Session 6: 2/23-3/22
Start your adventure by learning how to compose a scene, how to work with changing light and more. The first class will take place outdoors at the Art Center and we will discuss additional locations that may include the Riverwalk, a beach scene and maybe even a city scape! Plein Air is about connecting with nature, feeling and painting the lovely breezes, the rustling leaves and songs of birds, and, more importantly, loving just being there! Come and paint the great outdoors, your inspiration!

KEETON'S 747-2995
Call to Register and ask for a Supply List.

Exciting Clouds in WC
Saturday, 11/7 9:30-12
This workshop is about learning to paint vibrant, loose skies in watercolor. We will take advantage of wet paper to let the pigment flow, creating luminous and stunning skies.

  • 1 sheet Arches 140# cold press watercolor paper which can be cut into quarters. You can choose to work on a quarter sheet size or much larger paper.
  • Bring whatever flat brushes you already have, otherwise a 1 ½”, ¾” Loew Cornell #798 flat brushes.
  • Palette with LARGE, uninterrupted mixing area. It is important to have a large ixing area so that you can have more freedom in your application. I use the John Pike Palette with 20 wells.
  • Paints Colors that you already have, otherwise: burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, opera (optional), bunt umber, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, hooker’s green, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue.
  • Other: Backing board or piece of cardboard 1” larger than your paper.

Egmont Key Lighthouse
Wednesday, 12/9 9:30-3pm
This image has it all, positive/negative shapes, lush foliage, wet on wet painting and lots of fun letting colors come together on your paper.

Some watercolor painting experience preferred.

  • 1 sheet Arches 140# cold press watercolor paper cut into quarters or larger if you prefer.
  • Brushes Bring whatever flat brushes you may have, otherwise, 1 ½” ¾” Loew Cornell #798 flat brushes.
  • Palette It is important to have a large, uninterrupted mixing area so that you can have more freedom in your application. An option is a John Pike Palette.
  • Paints Whatever paints you have, otherwise: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Cad. Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Cad. Red, Hooker’s Green, Ultramarine Blue and Cerulean Blue, Opera (optional).
  • Other Backing Board or piece of cardboard 1” larger than the paper you are working on, frisket, #2 pencil, and kneaded eraser, transfer paper for the tracing that I’ll provide.
Please bring a lunch.

Paint around will be at Keeton's
on Tuesday, 12/8 at 5:30-8pm

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